Extraordinary encounter between design and the great Italian craft tradition, an expression of excellence. People, ideas, places and products make Filodesign a story to tell. Living furnishings, dedicated to design lovers, but also dedicated to everyone interested in tradition and authenticity, that furnishing the house with style and lightness. Hands of Masters Craftsmen finish the exclusive details designed for refined interior furnishings.

Filodesign products enrich the living area with coffee tables, square or circular, or the sleeping area with a striking four-poster bed with a strong contemporary style, or everywhere filiform lamps enrich the various environments, while a writing desk becomes library or studio space when you want and geometric and dynamic libraries become dynamic scenarios along the paths. Shapes of simple geometries become precious with material and the attention to detail, all hand Made in Italy.


Four-poster bed with touch Leds

Four-poster bed with essential and lightness design: the concept is to sleep almost suspended inside to a design object. Born of a known typology, the four-poster bed, Bed Led interprets the style in contemporary art version. The pronounced linearity of the form marries the concepts of elegance, lightness and purity of style. Bed Led is equipped with touch LEDs lighting for reading, the structure is made of steel with matte enamel finishing.

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MY Library

Library with inclinated shelves

The idea of inclinated plans for My Library is born from the research for visual dynamism as well as the daily need to store books and magazines without worrying about having to seek further support to stop them vertically.

More elements of My Library create a sinuous geometry. Placed near the wall or in the middle of a room, My Library decorate with simplicity and elegance.

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Small desk and furniture... for smart working!

A furniture design object that transforms itself from storage container to a comfortable and dynamic desk, from book binder to desktop for working or studying. You often have to work with a tablet, or write on notebook , or you need to have a small studio for a while but you haven’t a room for this ... miniDESK is the solution designed specifically for this dual role ... and it makes it with style, with sympathy, and above all with elegance.

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Coffee table for living room

A simple and essential geometry that pull together precious marble or precious wood to a lightweight painted steel structure. To be placed in the living area next to a sofa.

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Coffee table with marble plan

Formally simple modules, created by a light colored steel structure (white or black) and a precious marble plan (Emperador, Travertino, Slate, Marquinia, Cipollino, Carrara Marble). It could be inserted in every environment, with originality and discretion. It can be used as a countertop or for create an atmosphere next to sofas, beds, inside the bathroom ... or isolated.

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Simpatico appendiabiti.

Semplice e simpatico appendiabiti a giorno con struttura in acciaio verniciato nero o bianco opaco e piano in Marmo Bianco di Carrara. Posizionato vicino all’ingresso o in un disimpegno arreda lo spazio.

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An elegant linear furniture object which enriches an entrance, a passage, a corridor. Emperador Dark marble for the top ( 3 cm thickness), the stand is solid steel with light gold varnish finishing.  

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Tavolino basso da salotto

Emperador Dark : una pietra dal colore marrone scuro, caldo, a tratti nero e venature color nocciola.

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