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An essential, pure, contemporary design of simple geometries. The attention for details and cleaning for shape have led to the lightness of the volumes and materials for furniture products of bedrooms, living rooms, stays. Filodesign philosophy combines ideas and materials through the skilled hand of Craftsmen: synthesis between creativity and craft Made in Italy.

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Intimate and refined


The search for formal essentiality in environment where a noble element reigns: the Water, a source of life, leads to the selection of noble and natural materials such as stones and marbles. So the Carrara White Marble is selected by the designers to become precious and elegant bathroom furnishings, with decisive and linear shape, in tune and contrast with a crystal and pure fluid that slides on the stone following a design. From the ancient Rome to the present day, this typical white marble is extracted from the Apuan Alps, and having a low refractive index allows the light to “penetrate” the stone giving at material a unique brightness.

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Marco and Michela


Creativity, passion, research and development, searching for new material, teamwork and new synergies: this is our lifestyle.
Passion can be see in our eyes when we tell you about a story of a product, the reason of that material, the hands that worked thet material and the emotion we want to convey.

“We spend many hours in the artisans’ labs: they help us to make our ideas something of concrete, thanks to an intense work, without which, creativity can not become an object of design.”

It has been this daily experience of synthesis between creative thought and craft Made in Italy that has prompted us to found the Filodesign brand, which it means a way of living, with simplicity and elegance and respect for the materials and elements that surround us: water, light, air.
Our concept is filling by emptying space, looking for lightness in every matter, with poetry and a touch of curiosity. Marble, steel, glass, but also water, light and color become our material to be designed, molded, illuminated.

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White Carrara Marble sink

Countertop washbasin in White Carrara Marble, created from a whole block of marble. Precious piece of furniture for the bathroom with an essential and important design.

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Circular marble washbasin.

Washbasin made from a whole block of Carrara White Marble. Quality C. Inside, a marble top on feet draws and hides the bottom. Elegant and harmonious, it is possible to complete it with the steel structure and marble top.  

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White Carrara marble shower tray

Shower tray carved from an entire block of Carrara White Marble, 3 cm thick with visible chromed drain (included). The vein of the marble is continuous and is framed in a square shape

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Our best selling items


Four-poster bed with touch Leds

Four-poster bed with essential and lightness design: the concept is to sleep almost suspended inside to a design object. Born of a known typology, the four-poster bed, Bed Led interprets the style in contemporary art version. The pronounced linearity of the form marries the concepts of elegance, lightness and purity of style. Bed Led is equipped with touch LEDs lighting for reading, the structure is made of steel with matte enamel finishing.

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Natural stone washbasin

PERMANO is an elegant and linear washbasin, where the research of the essential form joins perfectly with the historicity of the great Italian stone materials used; the foresight constructive wants also to draw the slipping of the water that slips to the edges of the bottom. To be installed on a top made of wood or stone or marble, It is easy to maintain and It is visually striking and it is pleasant to the touch.

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