A furniture design object that transforms itself from storage container to a comfortable and dynamic desk, from book binder to desktop for working or studying. You often have to work with a tablet, or write on notebook , or you need to have a small studio for a while but you haven’t a room for this … miniDESK is the solution designed specifically for this dual role … and it makes it with style, with sympathy, and above all with elegance.

As soon as you’ve finished working, you just need to reposition your chair and the miniDESK becomes a pretty decorative object, elegant to see, it has been designed to integrate itself with any type of furniture.
The measurements are those of the typical sitting at the desk: 76 cm from the floor for the top, 46 cm of hight for the sitting. MDF 2 cm veneered ash tree and white or black lacquered finishing (open pore). No installation is required.



Mini Desk made ash tree wood and sitting with rubber wheels.



52x70x h76


52x70x h76